Training for the Cabin Crew Attestation / Duration:140 hours

According to the European Legislation the only certificate that ensures you your employment as Cabin Crew for a European carrier is the Cabin Crew Attestation. This certificate covers the requirements of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), which is the Organization for Civil Aviation Security. This Certificate will give you the opportunity to be distinguished among others during the recruitment process.

AST is an authorized organization that offers Cabin Crew training and gives you the opportunity to acquire the Cabin Crew Attestation, a certificate recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority. The training program is designed to familiarize the candidates with the aviation environment and to acquire sufficient general and basic knowledge in order to perform their duties and responsibilities that relate to the passengers’ safety during the flight. (Accreditation Number:2101414)

In order to acquire the Cabin Crew Attestation the students have to successfully pass the exam that covers all the lessons mentioned above:

Basic Prerequisites for attendance/hiring

  • Age: 18
  • Height: Over 1.60 cm for women and over 1.70 cm for men/Correct weight ratio
  • Good vision & good health (Before the attendance you will be given specific instructions to visit a special doctor who will provide you with the appropriate Health Certificate)
  • High School Certificate or Certificate from any other educational institution (regardless of grade/faculty)
  • Good knowledge of English (an English certificate is not compulsory)
  • Good swimming skills



  • General theoretical knowledge of aviation
  • Aviation Regulations covering all the elements relevant to the duties and responsibilities required from cabin crew
  • Communication
  • Introductory course and human factors (HF) in aviation and crew resource managements (CRM)
  • Passenger Handling and cabin surveillance
  • Aeromedical aspects and first aid
  • Dangerous goods in accordance with the applicable ICAO technical instructions
  • Security Aspects & Disruptive passengers
  • Fire and Smoke training / Actual donning
  • Survival Training / Actual Donning


We offer Short term trainings for you who already work and have a time restricted schedule but also for you who want to acquire again a position in the aviation industry.

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