Ground Staff Course

The graduates of this course work for airlines, travel agencies and ground handling companies at the airport. They are responsible for providing service to travelers in every level (travel procedures, information, reservations, ticketing, completing travel documents, hotel reservations, cruises, travel packages etc.)

Basic prerequisites

  • High School Cerificate or Certificate from any other educational institution. (Regardless of grade or faculty)
  • Good knowledge of English


Basic Level 1: (2 ΕΞΑΜΗΝΑ)

The role of the tourism profession in the tourist industry (tourism principles and authorities)

    • Requirements, skills, professional qualifications
    • International Tourist Organization and Tourist Offices, incoming and outgoing tourism management
    • Sustainable Tourism (Alternative forms of tourism)
    • Global Geography (city / airport codes, world time, currency, worldwide means of transport)
    • Travel formalities (travel documents, airport taxes, customs formalities)
    • Travel Insurance
    • Air travel (departure / arrival procedures, alliances), frequent flyers, special passengers, special meals, serving passengers during flight, baggage, flight schedule, codes / terminology, international regulations)
    • Land Transport 1 (1 trains, car rentals)
    • Accommodation 1(types of hotels, terminology, room reservations)
    • Shipping1 (cruises 1)

    Advanced Level 2 (2 semesters)

    • Travel Geography (geographical maps, how climate affects travel)
    • Human Geography (cultural differences between people)
    • Land Transport 2 (Trains 2, luxury trains, coaches)
    • Accommodation 2 (different types of accommodation)
    • Water Transport 2 (Cruises 2)
    • Tourist Packages 2 (groups, organizing luxury travel, business tourism)
    • Tourism Legislation – Regulations
    • Sales
    • Tourism Marketing and sales skills (types of travel, fare types, changes- reissued tickets)
    • BSP

    The school fully undertakes the professional advancement of its students and we can safely say that all of our students who have successfully graduated, already work at airlines, travel agencies and various other travel and tourism organizations.

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