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Our 7-day Executive Concierge Course is designed to train those who desire to work as a Concierge for 5-star hotels or luxury resorts and exclusive villas.

It is considered one of the top courses and among the most desired from Hotel employers  as well as the hospitality industry!

The Role of Concierge

Concierge acts as the first point of contact between guests and an organization. They are tasked with fulfilling guest inquiries, monitoring daily tasks , organizing travel plans and much more. They must uphold company culture at all times while making guests feel welcomed and valued.

In all hotels and especially in the luxury ones the Concierge is considered a must due to high standards expectations that should be fulfilled for their Guests.

So take your guest service skills to the highest level as this course combines theory and practice, providing you with unique but essential knowledge in dining, bookings and reservations, Event Planning, Etiquette and Personal Assistant skills while developing in you the personality and image of a professional concierge. 

If you desire exceeding expectations, Concierge Course then is for you !

Let’s now see what this is all about by guiding you through the sessions of each day!


The world of Concierge

• The Principles of Hospitality

• Duties & Responsibilities

• Concierge Etiquette & Protocol

Advancing Skills & Communication

• Forms of Address

• Computer programs & applications

• Time management & Multitasking

•Methods of Research

• Managing difficulties

• Critical thinking skills

Customer Service techniques

• Guest relations

• Customer Service Etiquette

• Greeting Guests

• Responding to Guests’ needs

• Cultural awareness

• Professional attire & demeanor

• Customer satisfaction & feedback

Being a Personal Assistant

• Telephone Etiquette

• E-mail Etiquette & Business writing

• Public relations

• Business Etiquette 

Personal shopping & Guest Tailored services

• Brand recognition

• Clothing Etiquette

• Gifts & Personalized gifts

• Budget management techniques

• The Art of Flower decoration

• Events planning

Bookings and reservations

• Dining reservation

• Spa & Harmony reservation

• Beauty care reservation

• Health care arrangement

• Activities scheduling

Exclusive bookings & arrangements

• Flight arrangements

• Airport transportation

• Booking Yachts

• Booking Private Jets

• Booking Helicopters

• Booking Limousines

The Private Residence Concierge

• Establishing a Household manual

• Personnel management

• Monitoring calls & Welcoming visitors

• Housekeeping techniques & supervising

The Finest

• The Silver Service & Etiquette

• Catering & Guests’ tailored menu

• Introduction to Wine, Champagne & Finest Cocktails

Top – tier professional

• Providing high- end service

• Table setting Art

• Interior space & highest standards

Finalize with 

•CV Tips & Preparation

• Cover letter & References

•Interview Coaching

A visit to a 5 – Star Hotel will be scheduled  upon availability to observe the Concierge operation .

Welcome to the amazing world of Concierge!

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