The “SilverSky” Workshop – 4 Days

Workshop Dates: 13 – 16 Nov 2023       10:00 – 18:00

The most exclusive and detail oriented workshop that will fly you away to the Sky of Elite!  If you always dreamed of having an office on a luxurious business jet, then this is designed exactly for you!

A dynamic 4-day workshop that focuses on the important aspects of the VIP Cabin Crew Role, from delivering exceptional silver service to exceeding guest’s expectations and from maintaining professional profile to learning management techniques and lots lots more !

The course is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge and includes as well CV preparation and interview and career coaching day!

Let’s learn more about it !

VIP Cabin Crew Role

The insight:

  • Providing exceptional service to guests by exceeding their expectations.
  • Ordering and preparing menu plan, tailored to guest preference.
  • Providing Silver Service with high etiquette standards.
  • Ensuring the interior space is well-presented and reflects high standards.
  • All about working, based on attention to detail and exquisite taste.

 Training topics

I.The Role & The lifestyle

  • The world of Private Jets
  • VIP Cabin Crew Role
  • The lifestyle overseas
  • Grooming and the way to look immaculate
  • On board protocol and Etiquette

 II.Upgrading your skills

  • Exceeding guest expectations techniques
  • The importance to be detail oriented
  • Dealing with difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Time management and efficiency
  • Interior space presentations to high standards

III.The Exceptional Service

  • The Silver Service
  • Art of table setting & napkin folding
  • Service sequence and specific service styles
  • Meet the finest food !Caviar ..Foie Gras and Balik Salmon
  • The Sushi Etiquette
  • Intro to Barista Art
  • Tea Etiquette
  • Wine and Champagne on private jets
  • Wine presentation and serving techniques
  • Cocktails & Mocktails

IV. Catering & Food handling

  • Catering preparation and guest tailored menu
  • Special meals including Halal , Hindu and Kosher
  • Food safety and handling Rules
  • Galley management
  • Plating techniques

We are delighted to welcome you on board this Sky of Elite and to provide you with guidance in any questions and concerns you may have!

*Kindly acknowledge that the workshop does not include any safety equipment or emergency procedures as these are elements that are taught in a separate training in order to acquire the EASA Cabin Crew Attestation find more here :

Most photos were taken in AST’s premises.

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