Yacht Steward/ess Training 

Workshop Dates:   30th of October 10:00 – 18:00

One of the most popular 5-day workshops that will introduce you to the world of SuperYachts and to the Role of Yacht Steward/ess ! If you are dreaming of working and travel at the same time , this is the exact step that you need to take !

An intense 5-day workshop that will provide you with skills and knowledge required to stand out and shine! Something between providing exceptional service, pouring champagne , offering the finest food and traveling the world !

The course is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge and includes as well CV preparation and interview and career coaching day!

Let’s get a glance of what this workshop is about !

Yacht Steward/ess Role:

  • Providing exceptional service that goes to 7 star
  • Going beyond expectations.
  • Providing Silver Service along with etiquette high standards
  • Arranging flower decoration and theme parties /dinners.
  • Providing the finest cocktails and wines
  • Ensuring guest cabins and interior space are in stunning image.
  • Being proactive ,organized and detail oriented.

Workshop Key points

I. Intro to the Role & The lifestyle

  • Meet the SuperYachts
  • Your Role on board a Yacht
  • Crew combination & Hierarchy
  • The lifestyle overseas
  • The Grooming & the Uniform types
  • On board protocol and Etiquette
  • Confidentiality Rules
  • Living on a Yacht .Guidance & tips.

II. Advance yourself

  • Go beyond guest expectations
  • Think like a guest
  • The importance of being detail oriented
  • Methods of Dealing with difficulties
  • Cultural differences and important guidance
  • Time management and efficiency
  • Communication & Team playing

III. The Outstanding Service

  • The importance of welcoming and the farewell service on board the Yacht
  • The Silver Service
  • Art of table setting & napkin folding
  • The order of service & clearing
  • Meet the finest food !
  • Caviar ,Foie Gras & Balik Salmon
  • The oysters
  • The Sushi Etiquette
  • Barista Art & Advice
  • Tea Etiquette & Afternoon tea
  • Introduction to Finest Wine grapes & Champagne
  • Wine presentation and serving techniques
  • Cocktails & Mocktails elements and presentation

IV. Interior space

  • Interior space and ensuring highest standards are kept.
  • Meet the Master Suite
  • The VIP suites
  • In house laundry
  • Crew cabins and standards
  • Flower decoration and theme dinners
  • Board games and yacht entertainment equipment

V. Catering , Food handling & Cooperation

  • Catering on board the Yacht
  • Special meals
  • Food safety and handling Rules
  • Kitchen management
  • Plating techniques
  • Cooperation with Head Chef & Sous Chef

A yacht visit and practice on board is scheduled after the completion of course upon availability,

We are welcoming you on board this workshop and we are more than happy to provide you with guidance in any questions and concerns you may have!

*Kindly acknowledge that the workshop does not include any safety equipment or emergency procedures.

The photos below were taken on a real yacht for AST

Photos by: Spyros Simopoulos

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